Insurance Recovery

Storm damage can come in many different forms. Whether it is hail, wind, flood or fire, HomeSite Remodeling, Inc. can help. Emergency services are offered for all storm-related damages including tarps, patches and pump outs.
Some damage to siding and roofing is very hard to spot, but can cause devastating long-term damage to the home. If a hail storm recently hit your home, don’t wait until the crack in the shingle springs a leak in the home.
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Insurance Negotiations

Our relationship with the insurance companies is based on honesty and doing quality repair work for our customers. The negotiation process is relatively easy because of our experience in the field.

Our number 1 goal is to keep your out of pocket to ZERO for a new roof or siding, while doing a quality installation. Your involvement in the process is as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

With your permission, we can handle ALL aspects of insurance negotiations, estimates, drawings and repairs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call HomeSite Remodeling for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION INSPECTION!
  2. Our trained storm damage inspector will create a detailed report of all damage to property.
  3. Assist in calling insurance company to report damages. Schedule appointment with insurance adjuster to show them damage listed on inspector’s reports.
  4. Clearly identify damage to insurance adjuster.
  5. Provide any weather documentation to insurance carrier, detailed estimates and drawings of home.
  6. After approval documentation is issued, HomeSite Remodeling will review insurance estimates for accuracy and completeness.
  7. At that time, go over scope of work to be performed, color and material selection, complete HomeSite Remodeling work order and schedule installation.

That’s it! All repairs are generally completed for the total dollar amount paid by the insurance company leaving your out of pocket expense to absolutely nothing!